Jordan Ryan


When I was first introduced to Kambo by a friend, my initial reaction was total skepticism. "There's no way I'm doing that!" I thought to myself. 

Later, after research but mostly from witnessing her healing when spending 6 weeks together in India, I couldn't deny the shift in her or the frog calling me.

Fresh off the plane from that trip, I drove with friends to a ceremony and had my first treatment. From that initial communion, my dance with the frog had begun.

In the days to come, I felt a strength, clarity and lightness. Then, It was after my first short burst treatment that I could feel the change happening in my cellular memory; I was not so strongly driven by fear, habits and conditioning. This internal shift carried my healing journey towards forgiveness and compassion, as well as deepened my self-care, self-respect, and self-love.

In addition to my work with Kambo, I am an Ashtanga practitioner, yoga teacher, and dancer. My commitment whether I am teaching or serving Kambo is to foster an environment that you feel safe in, to empower you for the transformation you are seeking. It is my life's mission to help you discover your expansiveness and realize we are all our own healers. 

Andrew Snope

As a frequent competitor in ultra distance races, I began investigating Kambo as a way to strengthen my body to withstand the considerable stress of running many hours on end without stopping.  I was able to find an experienced practitioner nearby and schedule a basic treatment to judge for myself whether or not there was benefit in this admittedly odd method of detoxification. 
The first treatment was an ordeal and I felt overwhelmed during the process.  However, as soon as it was over, I felt light and energetic and enjoyed running the hills with considerable ease.  The feeling subsisted and I did not feel the need to retake Kambo for many weeks until joining in a small group with a friend.  The subsequent treatments revealed to me how much more benefit there was to Kambo than I initially realized. 
Aside from the increased energy and stamina, I felt inspired, focused and was able to recognize and let go of patterns of behavior that had prevented me from realizing my goals.  After these experiences, I decided to train with the IAKP in order to effectively self administer Kambo.  It was only through the course of the training that I felt a very clear calling to work with this modality and share it with friends, family, and members of the community.  It is my goal to provide you with a safe and supported environment to fully realize the benefits that Kambo can provide by restoring your capacity for self healing. 
In addition to working with Kambo, I also coach ultradistance runners, write articles on holistic running practices, and am an avid breathwork practitioner.